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Next Stop Wonderland A Special Valentine's Day Presentation
at Friday Night Movies:

Next Stop Wonderland

Friday the 14th of February

Brazil... that's way past Medford.
--Cab driver

USA: 1998 -- Directed by Brad Anderson

Written by Brad Anderson and Lyn Vaus

Starring Hope Davis, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Alan Gelfant.

"Being alone is fine. Being alone together is perfect." - original tagline

A lovely, lilting soundtrack of samba and bossa nova melodies gently guides this charming movie about Erin (Hope Davis), a young nurse adrift in her life. When her boyfriend, a hyperactive political activist played by the amazing Philip Seymour Hoffman (Boogie Nights, Happiness), leaves her, Erin struggles to find serenity on her own. Meanwhile, her mother schemes to find her a new boyfriend by placing a personal ad for Erin without her knowledge. Next Stop Wonderland juxtaposes this with the story of Alan (Alan Gelfant), a plumber struggling to get a degree as a marine biologist. The movie weaves all sorts of hints about fate and destiny, so it's no surprise at the end when Erin and Alan meet--but the fun is in getting there. In addition to the well-drawn characters and sharp, clever writing (the sequence of personal-ad dates that Erin goes on is both funny and painful), the movie is full of visual grace notes. For example, while at a bar, Alan spills a drink on a newspaper; the wet newsprint becomes translucent and reveals a photo of Erin that was taken at an aquarium fundraiser and printed in the society page. But before Alan even sees it, his friends scoop up the wet paper and throw it away. These moments have a casual, tossed-off air that evokes a lightly mystical sense of how our lives float on a thousand invisible coincidences. More than anything else, the movie spotlights Hope Davis's intelligence and quiet soulfulness.

Hope to see you there. I'll save you an aisle seat and a T token!

Alan Gelfant and Hope Davis Hope Davis


Nominated for Sundance Grand Jury Prize

Won Deauville Film Festival Audience Award and Grand Special Prize

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Memorable Quotes

Alan: Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

Personal Ad Respondent: I'm a temp. But that's not, like, a permanent thing

Cricket: Don't you just hate men?
Erin Castleton: Oh God, I wish I did. That would make my life so much easier.

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The MBTA (subway) map at the beginning of the film is wrong. It also doesn't correspond to the subway route used in the movie. The conductor says the next stop inbound is Aquarium from Airport. The map says the next stop should be Maverick (which it is, in real life).

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Jose Zuniga and Hope Davis Alan Gelfant and Cara Buono