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The Boys in the Band DVD cover

An Upcoming Angst-Filled Presentation
at Friday Night Movies:

The Boys in the Band

Friday the 8th of October
Pot luck supper @ 7pm
Movie @ 8pm


Give me librium or give me meth!
--Harold (Leonard Frey)

USA: 1970 -- Directed by William Friedkin
Written by Mart Crowley
Starring Kenneth Nelson, Frederick Combs, Cliff Gorman, Laurence Luckinbill, Keith Prentice, Peter White, Reuben Greene, Leonard Frey & Robert La Tourneaux as Cowboy Tex

Who do you have to f*ck to get a drink around here?
--Cliff Gorman as Emory

A sensitive yet humorous adaptation of the stage play, this 1970 film directed by William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist) is one of the first films to openly address gay issues in a matter-of-fact style that largely avoids stereotyping. Shot on one set and featuring a birthday party as the festive setting, a group of friends assemble to celebrate, reminisce, and discuss their lives and the travails of being gay, even as one friend insists he's straight. The night turns from a light celebration to a sometimes-vindictive ordeal of revelation and betrayal, as each man in turn must confess his true feelings. Performed by the original cast of the stage production, the film may feel dated to some, but it still manages to be truthful and entertaining as it explores a subject that to this day is not often addressed. --Robert Lane for Amazon Editorial Reviews

Hope to see you there. I'll save you an aisle seat next to the cowboy.


Nominated for Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer - Male: Kenneth Nelson

Nominated for Golden Laurel for Star of Tomorrow, Male: Cliff Gorman & Leonard Frey

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Memorable Quotes

Michael: What is he - a psychiatrist or a hairdresser?
Donald: Actually he's both. He shrinks my head and then combs me out.

Michael: [sings] "Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy! You better chase all your cares away!" What's more boring than a queen doing a Judy Garland imitation?
Donald: A queen doing a Bette Davis imitation.

Michael: Show me a happy homosexual and I'll show you a gay corpse.

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Stars all of the same actors from the original play. Producer/author Mart Crowley insisted that the entire original cast of the off-Broadway production be used in the film.

The original off-Broadway production of "The Boys in the Band" opened at the Theatre Four on April 15, 1968 and closed on September 6, 1970 with a revival in 1996.

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Continuity: When he arrives at the party, Cowboy's hairstyle is completely different than it was when he appeared in opening montage as street hustler just several hours earlier.

Continuity: When Michael is putting the ribbon on the birthday gift, the bow appears on the package between shots.

Continuity: While Emery starts serving his "depressed pasta" at the party, the rose in his teeth changes direction.

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