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Pandora opens the box

"Impelled by her natural curiosity, Pandora opened the jar, and all evil contained escaped and spread over the earth. She hastened to close the lid, but the whole contents of the jar had escaped, except for one thing which lay at the bottom, and that was Hope."

--From Bullfinch's Mythology

What's New?

How Well Do You Know Kevin?: my 50th birthday party trivia quiz

50th Birthday Party Song List: playlist of dance songs from my 50th birthday party

Nanofictionary cards for Button Men tournament #3

Here's the gateway to the bulk of the content on this site. Also check out my Links page which points you to further resources.

Bio: Who am I anyway?

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Book: Sign the guest book to say hello and let me know who you are.

Message Board: Interact with other users on the site by posting and replying to messages.

Spirituality: An investigation into my own personal philosophy with a history into my spiritual journey with links to other resources.

Friday Night Movies: A long standing tradition among my friends--gathering to watch great old movies.

My Top 10 Movies: My current top 10 list for favorite movies.

Kevin's Movie Reviews: A new feature! My own reviews of current and classic movies.

Halloween: My favorite holiday of the year featuring a photo gallery from my group's traditional Halloween Costume Party.

My 40th Birthday Party: Pictures and goodies from my milestone birthday.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: A fan look at my favorite Star Trek series.

Gaming: Gaming resources and a look at some of my personal favorite games.

So what's a Kestrel?: The origin of this site's name.

Gaylaxicon 2005: Here's info on the next local convention for the gay science fiction group I am involved with.

Fiction Writing: Short stories and story ideas in progress.

Photos of new cats Peanut and Fezzywig

Nanofictionary cards for Button Men tournament #2

Nanofictionary cards for my Button Men tournament

Kestrel Massage: My massage therapy and Reiki practice.

Guest Bio: Who someone else thinks I am. Check out new addendum!

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